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A little bit about Busy Beaver Button Co.

Bizzy the Beaver

Our History

The history of Busy Beaver is a lot like our custom buttons– it starts out simple, and then grows into a world of possibilities. Owner Christen Carter started Busy Beaver out of her college apartment in 1995, making merch buttons for Guided By Voices. Twenty years later, Busy Beaver has evolved into a 25-person custom button mecca, creating over 85,000 designs and producing tens of millions of buttons for clients ranging from breweries to museums to people just like you.

The Best People

Busy Beaver is a collection of artists, makers and crafts folk, all of whom are bringing our customer’s ideas to vibrant, pin-backed life. From concept to distribution, The Beavers will work with you to develop your custom creations, so that the product you see in your mind swiftly becomes the product you see in your hand. If you’ve got an idea but don’t know where to start, our Design Services team will work with you to create the button of your dreams. If you’ve already got your designs locked down, our customer service team will find the perfect order size to help you get the most bang for your button. 

The Best Buttons

Why does Busy Beaver make the best buttons? Because If you can imagine it, we can make it into a button. Our buttons are made of the highest quality materials, and are created by production and design teams who all share a dedication to pushing the limits of their craft. So if there’s a button you want that you don’t see, let us know and we’ll find a way to make it happen. In fact, custom options like metallic buttons, wood buttons, 1-inch square and 24-karat gold buttons all evolved from customer requests. So give us a call, drop us a line – and then watch the Beavers get busy.

The Best Way Possible 

Busy Beaver buttons might come in every color, but our business only comes in green. Throughout every step of the button-making process, The Beavers work hard to minimize our carbon pawprint while maximizing our renewable materials. Our buttons are printed on a combination of recycled and sustainably reforested papers, and each pinback is manufactured with US-made recycled steel. 

You can see our commitment to the environment in action at Busy Beaver's headquarters, The Beaver Dam. We've renovated a century-old building in Chicago's Logan Square with eco-friendly insulation, geothermal heating and cooling and reclaimed building materials. 

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  • Christen Carter

    President & Owner

  • Joel Carter

    Director of Operations

  • Denise Gibson

    Director of Marketing, Sales & Customer Experience

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    Office Administrator

  • Carrie Vinarsky

    Production Manager

  • Ben Bertin

    Design & Print Specialist

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    Social Media Specialist

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    Relationship Manager