Bizzy the Beaver

Button-o-matic is unlike any other machine

Distribute wearable artwork capsule by capsule

Bizzy the Beaver
  • What is Button-O-Matic?

    It's a fun and easy way to distribute buttons. 1-inch buttons are placed in plastic capsules and dispensed via a coin-operated, gumball-style vending machine. 

  • Price

    $275 per machine.
    This includes the stand and ground shipping in the USA.

  • Machine Stats

    Dimensions: 53” tall, 15” radius
    Capacity: 500 1-inch buttons in capsules

How can I use a Button-O-Matic?

Having your own Button-O-Matic is a fun way to engage your customers. You can use them for in-store promotions, at trade shows and during events. Free, 50¢, or $1— you choose how much to charge. Give your customers a treat with a fun, interactive button machine!

Examples of how our customers use their Button-o-Matic machines

Di’lishi Frozen Yogurt Bar stocks their stores throughout both North Carolina and Virginia with Button-O-Matic machine. Each machine dispenses a variety of deliciously cute frozen yogurt-themed buttons. Customers can wear a button to remember their tasty treat and the buttons help spread the word to new potential customers.

Great Lakes Tattoo in Chicago promotes their affection for American Traditional style tattoos by distributing buttons of old-school skull, rose, noose, and spider designs in a Button-O-Matic machine. They also have a special prize in one of the capsules that will get the winner a free tattoo!

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