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Answers to some of your most frequently asked questions

Bizzy the Beaver

How do I order?

Ordering buttons online is easy! Simply click on the “Shop” link in the top left menu and follow the steps to select the options you’d like. Once you’ve entered products into your cart, you can select shipping options at check out.

How long does it take?

Standard production for orders up to 10,000 buttons is one week. Free ground shipping is included with all standard orders, which will have your items to you in about one additional week. 

All together, standard turnaround is about 2 weeks total.

Need your order sooner? For orders up to 10,000 buttons, you can select one of our rush shipping options to speed things up a bit. By selecting rush shipping, we automatically rush production on your order to three days (pretty swell, right?!). You can select from overnight, 2-day and 3-day shipping to have your order to you in 4, 5 or 6 business days total.

How fast can I get buttons?

Standard production for orders up to 10,000 buttons is one week. Free ground shipping is included with all standard orders, which will have your items to you in about one additional week. All together, standard turnaround is about 2 weeks total.

Need your order sooner? For orders up to 10,000 buttons, you can select one of our rush shipping options to speed things up a bit. We offer rush options at checkout that can have buttons to you in 4-6 business days, depending on the option you select.

We also offer Same day, 24 hour and 48 hour rush production, as our production schedule allows. Contact us for availability and quotes!

Can I order a couple different button designs at once?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to get more than one design in a single order. Just make sure that each individual button design is entered as a separate product in your shopping cart. For instance, if you’d like 100 buttons total split between two designs, you’ll want to enter 50 of one button and 50 of the other one into your shopping cart.

Keep in mind that because each individual design goes through processing and production separately, our pricing is based on the quantity you order per design, not on the number of buttons in your entire order.

Can I get just one (or two, or three) buttons made?

Sure thing! Though 50 is the minimum order for a bulk rate, we can offer fewer at our single sample rate of $5/button. Contact us to get a sample order going.

Can I see my button before it’s made?

We understand that you may want to double check artwork before going forward with your whole order. To help, we offer two proofing options: Digital proofs and Physical samples

Digital proof: You can request a digital proof when you placing your order. Once your order is in, our designer will email you a pdf with your artwork laid out in our button template so that you to confirm placement and text

Physical sample: We can create a physical sample for you to take a look at before moving forward with your larger order. Physical samples are $5 each. That price covers any button size or printing option and includes free ground shipping. Turnaround for samples is the same as with a standard order—one week production plus one week shipping, or via a rush service. When rushing a physical proof, be sure to keep this timeline in mind.

Contact us to order a physical sample.

Artwork & Design

Do you keep my designs on file?

Yes, we do! We’ve got artwork on file from going back about 5 years (give or take) and even a few from before then, too.

If you created an account when you placed your last order, log in to reorder in a snap. If you checked out as a guest, or ordered before 2010, get in touch and we’re happy to help you reorder an old design. 

What file types do you accept?

Accepted files types are .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .ai. eps, .gif, .tif, and .tiff.

Artwork should ideally be submitted using our button template and saved as a Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai) or .pdf file. If saving as an .ai file, please be sure that linked files are included and all text is converted to outlines.

Do I have to use your templates?

Though we love it when you do, using our templates isn’t mandatory. 

If your artwork is ready to print, high resolution and pretty straightforward as to how it should be placed on the button face, you can upload what you’ve got and our designer will lay it out to print for you.

If you’re nervous about the placement of your image on the button, request a digital proof to confirm how our designer will set up the artwork.

I don’t have a design. Can you create something for me?

Absolutely! Between the millions of buttons we make every year and the thousands of designs we’ve created since 1995, we are button design experts! Busy Beaver has a talented designer on staff who can transform your idea into a polished, professional and fun button design. 

We offer three levels of design service based on the complexity of the design you’re thinking— read about our design service options here.

Shipping & Delivery

Did my order ship? Where is it?

When your order ships, you’ll get an email confirmation with tracking info included. If you created an account when placing your order, you can also log in online to check the order’s status and get tracking info. Ground orders ship via USPS or Fedex Ground and rush orders ship via Fedex Express. Go to or and enter your tracking number to see where your package is in transit.

Having trouble finding tracking info or figuring where your package is? Contact us for help.

Product Info

What is Backrim Text?

Backrim text is small writing that appears on the side of the button, sometimes called “curl text.” It appears on the edge where the printed artwork wraps around, just before it meets the metal pinback of the button. Backrim text is not visible from the front, only from the side or back.

The backrim is a great place to add an extra bit of information to your design. It’s often used to include a website address, contact info, copyright line or even for a little inside joke for the eagle-eyed.

What’s with the special printing effects?

At Busy Beaver, we pride ourselves on offering innovative special finishes that make your designs stand out. Our products are all about getting your message seen, and special finishes add an eye-catching element that get people talking. 

We currently offer metallic, glow in the dark, cosmic and sparkle finishes for all sizes, as well as 24k gold for 1” round. Read more tips about using our special finish options or check out pictures of special finishes in use for our customer’s projects.

What are your buttons made from?

Our products are made from a combination of three materials: steel, paper and mylar.

The steel in our buttons parts is sourced just down the road from us in Gary, Indiana, where it comes from a variety of recycled sources. 

The paper we print on is FSC (Forest Stewardship Coucil) certified, so you can be assured that it was sourced using environmentally and socially responsible practices. 

The mylar covering that protects our buttons is made without the nasty chemicals found in many other plastics. At the end of the button’s life, mylar (unlike laminated buttons) can be removed, allowing the remaining parts of the button to be recycled. Read more about the mylar on our buttons.

How “green” is Busy Beaver as a company?

Since Busy Beaver’s founding in 1995, incorporating sustainability into our business practices has been an important part of what we do. We recycle our excess and waste materials whenever possible. Nearly all of our vendors and suppliers are within a 100 mile radius of Chicago, lessening the environmental impact of transportation. When we purchased and rehabbed our new location in 2010, the building was upgraded with environmentally responsible retrofits including geothermal heating and cooling system and the building was rehabbed using eco-friendly insulation, insulated glass, recycled rubber flooring and as many reclaimed building materials and fixtures as possible. Since 2012, our button production as been fueled by the sun thanks for solar panels installed on our roof. A majority of the Beaver staff walks or bikes to work and we utilize our backyard space for an organic garden and composting.

Returns & Replacements

What’s your return policy?

Everything we make here at Busy Beaver is a custom product and because of that, not eligible for returns or refunds. We do our best to troubleshoot any issue that we’re able to anticipate, but by placing an order, you agree to submit the correct file for your button, create a design that’s easy to read at your button size, provide 300 dpi resolution images, submit correct text and images, include linked files, convert fonts to outlines, unlock all layers, provide color match information as needed and use the design template to lay out your button. Image color, lightness and darkness are subjective and not ground for returns.

We want you to love your buttons! To ensure your order is made to your specifications, contact us to order a preproduction sample.


Full payment is required to start production. Accepted methods are Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Google Checkout. You can also pay by check or cash, just note that production won't begin until we receive payment.

Illinois Sales Tax Exempt

Busy Beaver is now charging Illinois state sales tax. This change only applies to orders which will be shipped to an Illinois location or picked up at the Beaver Dam. If you or your organization are Illinois Sales Tax Exempt, please email a copy of your Illinois Sales Tax Exempt letter (for non-profits) or a CRT-61 (for resellers) to For more info, go to